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I thought I would post some info about my commission pricing and other pertinent things since  I have had inquiries.  At this time I am taking on only US customers unless we are familiar with one another or I would be happy to send your item to a shipping buddy. Paypal is my preferred way to pay but I will take western union money orders, and personal checks on a case by case basis. You will be responsible for the cost of return shipping and hair.
Just an FYI all work will be done on a FIFO ( first in first out basis).

Email me at Barbie-restoration @ without the spaces

Pricing ranges below

Full Soft Vinyl Re-roots$40-$65  ( Prices depend on type, size of doll head, and complexity of re-root/ styling. No Tonner Dolls)

Silkstone/ Fashion Royalty Re-roots- $65- $90 (Pricing determined by head size, hairstyles, highlights etc. Inquire for full details.  Limited spots available,  ask for spot availability for multiple( 2 or more) orders

Partial Re-roots- $10-$35 ( Prices based on amount of hair that needs to be rooted. For example a part would on the bottom of the scale versus the addition of multiple rows of hair for thickness. )

Boil Perms/ Straightening- $10-$20 ( Prices based on size of head an amount of hair that needs to be styled)

Haircuts- $10- $20 ( Prices are based on the complexity of the haircuts, please check with me before hand. )

Updos- $10-$25 ( Prices are based on complexity, some styles are true ooaks and can not be recreated.)

Enhancements -$5- $50 ( Generally, I do select enhancements on the eyes, lips, eyebrows I do not do full repaints on modern dolls. But, I am experienced with Vintage Barbie and Bild Lilli Stylized Type Re-paints. Please check with me beforehand so we can come with a plan together.)

Rooted Eyelashes- $10 ( I use saran hair or salvaged mod Barbie hair when appropriate. The needle and thread method is used)

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