Friday, January 10, 2014

Commission Information

Commission Information from AEOOAK Dolls

This is the basic information about commissioning from AEOOAK dolls, the information you need should be covered in one of the tabs located on this blog. If you have additional question please email me at Barbie-restoration @ remove the spaces. For additional pictures of my work please look at my flickr page

Please scroll down for the Policies and Commission Contract  Information, this contract applies to all Commission Customers so please familiarize yourself with it's contents. 

Policies and Commission Contract

Policies and Commission Contract Information

Here are my policies and some general need to know information, please look at them before entering into the commission process with AE OOAK Dolls. Please feel free to ask an additional questions that may arise, serious customers only please! These policies are here simply to clarify my business policies so we can both be on the same page to start! If you are ready to get started email me here: =-)   **When you agree to commission from AE OOAK Dolls you are entering into in contract that states you agree with all these terms, if you choose not to read them ignorance of the terms will not be an excuse to void their validity.** 

  • At any time in the commission I reserve the right to decline to perform services. If I have done services on your doll but for some reason we can't come to an  agreement you will be charged fully or partially for the work I have completed depending on the circumstances. 

  • Once I have completed your commission and you have approved it  I consider our business to be completed, if you have an issue with the work then mention it before your item is sent home. I will not do redos.

  • I ship items in the Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation in a padded box. If you need additional insurance or services all costs will be your responsibility. I WILL NOT be responsible for any damage /loss that happens in either arrival or departure as a result of the United States Postal Office or other shipping service.

  • If you request additional services you may be charged additional  for  services, certain services may not be available to you that I do on my own dolls purely because the service may be  risky/ tricky as far as having a 100% success rate.  Such as facial dye/ tinting,  certain removal of makeup, etc.  

  • I do not use salvaged/ donor hair any more. If you want a re-root done you must purchase a new packet of saran hair from restore doll or provide your own new packet of saran hair.

  • I order from restoredoll: ( ) exclusively.  I will not order from,  they are not a reliable vendor any more and have taken months to fill single orders. I can not wait that long to fill your order. If you want to order from them you will do so at your risk and I will not be responsible for the amount of time they take to fill the order.  

  • Please order only Saran hair, that hair fiber is the best of all of the choices and has the best look, texture, and styling ability. 

  • I will not re-root on dolls that have previous extensive facial repainting. The process of re-rooting requires extensive handling and shifting of the head.

  • When dealing with older dolls please be aware of any flaws, stains, tears, etc I will try to chronicle any of these issues and report them to you if I feel they need to be monitored like a lose limb or the beginning of green ear. But, unless we have discussed treatment of these issues I will not treat them and only do the commission as we have discussed it. 

  • When sending dolls please make sure they are cleaned to your preference, starting now I will no longer clean bodies it has started to take up too much time in my commission schedule which is unfair to other customers and myself. I will wipe down the face and the head since those are the areas I have to work with. Sorry!

  • I also do  not generally treat green ear, it is a very tricky process that I have only done a handful of times and do not feel 100% in my efficiency. I also do not generally dye Mod Barbie heads again it is a process that is not uniform and is very tricky to perform.  

  • I will not usually work on the earliest Ponytail Barbies 1-3.  I have decided that I do not feel comfortable working on the earlier editions since they have their own unique challenges and are far more delicate than #4-#7 Ponytails, Bubble Cuts, American Girls, Color Magics, Swirls, or Mod Barbies ( any of these vintage dolls are fine to be sent in for commissions EXPECT 1-3 ponytails).  There are other very talented artist that almost exclusively work on early 1-3 ponytail Barbies. 
  • Once again, all commissions are completed on a First in, First Out basis.  I try to complete orders in a timely manner but issues may arise that delay or prolong your commission. I will keep you updated. If you sent a large order expect it to take longer. I stagger the commission schedule in order to work a little each week on different orders.  I have an extensive planned out schedule that allows me to work on multiple orders in a week.

  • As of this month (Jan. 2014) for tax purposes all payments will be paid through an invoice through paypal, thank you!