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Disclaimer: I reserve the right to refuse commissions at any point in the process. In this event the doll will be shipped back to the owner at their expense.  All commission fees will be re-inversed minus the price of shipping.  I reserve the right to add additional fees for services performed, we will discuss the fees beforehand. Extra services will come at an additional fee. Once the commission is approved and sent back to the owner I consider our business to be completed. If you have any issues with the commission please mention the issue before the item is shipped home.  I will not be responsible for any item lost in the mail. Delivery confirmation will be provided, insured upon request.

Commission Spots: In order to insure speedy completion of orders please have a time table of when you plan to send your commission.  If you are unable to send your item in the month you have selected then you will lose your spot for the month and be put on the commission list in,  A) A LATER DATE IN THE SAME MONTH, or B) A DATE THE NEXT MONTH.  Commissions will be completed in the order in which they are received ( FIRST IN FIRST OUT). Invoices must be PAID IN FULL prior to the commission being completed, no expectations!  Time of completion varies depending on difficulty of service and number of commissions to be serviced for the entire month. Average wait times are between 1 week to a max of 1 month, if at any time you want an update for your commission status email me at Barbie-restoration@hotmail.com . I try to keep the wait time as short as possible, but sometimes issues will arise that may interfere with completion dates. In those instances an email will be sent to keep you abreast of your commission status.

Commissioning from aeook dolls/ Ashley Elizabeth means that you accept the terms and conditions of this document.
Commission Preferences information sheet are on pages 2-3, please fill them out . Thank you!

Commission Preferences
Please make use of this preference chart to formulate an idea of what you would like done for your commission. The more detail the better, pictures of hairstyles and makeup choices are welcomed. As each commission is a true OOAK no two will look exactly a like.  I can do most hair styles but since I am human I may not be able to recreate every look. 

     Hair Style:
1.       Curls
2.       Straight
3.       Bangs/ Fringe
4.       Crimped
5.       Layers
6.       Ponytail
7.       Updo
8.       Flip
9.       Other:
     Hair Length:
1.       Bob (Chin to Shoulder Length)
2.       Mid- Length( Mid Back)
3.       Ultra Long( Behind or Longer)
4.       Other:

Part Placement:

1. Center placement
2. Side part left
3. Side part right

1.       Full Re-root
2.       Partial Re-root
3.       Two or more hair colors
4.       Highlights
5.       Vintage Barbie style head circumference only
6.       Real Hair Rooted Eyelashes

      Facial Enhancements:
1.       Lips Repainted
2.       Eye Color Changed
3.       Makeup removal ( please provide specifics)
4.       Eyebrow Enhancement
5.       Eyebrow Repaint
6.       Blush Application
7.       Facial Freckles
8.       Vintage Barbie Style full Repaint

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